The Republican Party in Carteret has not endorsed any ticket for the Board of Education
elections. One ticket is part of the Reiman team, which is the team headed by the Democrat Mayor
Reiman who is directing their campaign and the chairman of the Carteret Democrat Party is a
candidate on this ticket. The other ticket is supported by the Carteret Education Association
(teachers union).

It is obvious why we would not support the Reiman team. We did not support the
other ticket because of the involvement of a Democrat Councilman in supporting the Carteret
Education Association’s candidates campaign even though his signature and photo has appeared on
the Reiman team campaign literature along with the Reiman Team school board candidates. This
councilman in the past has consistently supported Mayor Reiman in all council votes. This is more
than enough of a reason for the Republican Party to stay neutral in this election.

However due to a repeated display of gutter politics on behalf of the Democrats we have
decided that our disdain for this type of political activity should override our original decision and
now are endorsing the School Board ticket of James P. Hart III, Jassbir S. Judge, Jennalin GarciaCallee and Debra Weaver. .

It just so happens that a local paper and affiliates which The Reiman team has paid yearly for
campaign work and advertisement gives out their paper for free to Carteret residents shortly prior to
elections. These free papers consistently run smear articles against those who dare take a stand or
run against the Reiman team. This year they ran two disgusting articles against a school board
candidate. After speaking to our candidates we find it most important to stand behind our values of
integrity and common decency in government. Apparently all of the Reiman team find campaigning
by fear and intimidation to be the way to go as none have spoken out against this. In fact last year
when I ran for council one of my opponents asked me to keep the campaign clean and to the issues
even though they have consistently remained silent to these vicious attacks.

I know people are going to say “its politics, that’s what you have to expect”, WRONG, you
only have to expect it if you are one to remain silent thus letting your silence speak to endorsing
bringing politics to the level of street thugs.

I have only been involved in politics for a few years but spent my professional career of 25
years working in the State Prison system and I must say I’ve seen hardened criminals who had more
integrity than some politicians.

Now I’m sure Team Reiman are going to deny any involvement in this but I ask you to listen
to their silence which will tell of their true colors.

I ask you to support James P. Hart III, Jassbir S. Judge, Jennalin Garcia-Callee and Debra
Weaver in the School board elections so our Children don’t learn from the bad examples of the
Reiman Team

Carteret School Board Elections Endorsement – click here